Evan Clark


“Connecting people and organisations is the best part of my job.”

For Evan, collaboration is the most important aspect of in his job. Sometimes there seem to be insurmountable differences between stakeholders, in particular when it comes to larger societal issues. Evan loves the challenge of bringing together the parties involved, formulating a common goal and identifying shared interests. Now more than ever, collaboration is indispensable if we are to resolve complex societal challenges.

He also brings the need for collaboration into play in his role as coordinator of Publyon’s Local Governments team. With enjoyment and passion in equal measure, he supports local governments with the strategic formulation and execution of the many societal challenges they are confronted with.

Before joining Publyon, Evan lived in the US, Belgium and Sweden. He became interested in politics at an early age and during his high school years he followed a course on municipal politics. As a university student, he was a member of the province of Groningen’s Politics for Youth Board (GPJK) and party chair in the University Council of the University of Groningen. In his spare time he enjoys writing poetry and singing in a vocal group.