Jonathan Mol


“Innovation is the engine of success, but it must be in alignment with societal values and safeguards. I like to act as the bridge builder and bring the two worlds together.”

Jonathan joined Publyon in 2020, where his main focus is on the challenges that lie in the digitalisation transition. He is also the team lead of our internal Tech team. Innovation (in the field of tech) moves fast, but this means there is not always an appropriate legislative framework in place. It’s especially important in those situations that organisations keep a close eye on social developments and public values. Jonathan likes to dedicate his energies to that and go for the best results, together with our team and our clients.

Jonathan does not advise exclusively on tech matters, but innovation is always the common thread in his portfolio. He is constantly looking with our clients for the ‘sweet spot’ between organisational and societal interests. We need innovation – the energy transition is a prime example – but it has to be done with the right safeguards and with due regard for societal values.

Before joining Publyon, Jonathan worked in the IT industry. He holds a master’s degree in Global Entrepreneurship Economics & Management, specialising in Economics of Innovation, from the University of Insubria and a bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Applied Sciences Ede.

In addition to his work, Jonathan is active within the Dutch political party CDA as a national board member and vice-chairman of the CDJA (the CDA’s youth organisation). In his spare time he also enjoys cycling, new technology and following current affairs, especially sports and politics.