Marnix Schut


"My strength lies in building bridges between the public and private sector by translating political decision-making into strategic and actionable advice."

Marnix Schut has been working as a Consultant at Publyon since 2023. He is part of the Sustainability team, supporting clients in achieving their green and sustainable targets.

Marnix holds a master’s degree in International Relations from Leiden University, where he previously obtained a bachelor’s degree in History. During his studies, Marnix focused on the political side of historic events, comparing historic patterns to relevant geopolitical trends.

Before joining Publyon, Marnix worked in diplomatic and financial roles for several ministries of the Dutch government, including the Ministry of Justice and Security, Foreign Affairs and Finance. He was a representative to the Financial Action Task Force in Paris and to NATO in Brussels. As a result of his diplomatic experience, Marnix firmly believes in forging strong personal relationships with his clients.

During the evening hours and weekends, Marnix enjoys playing squash, surfing with friends and improvising on the piano.