Jasper Nagtegaal

Partner EU

"I am driven to help companies strategically navigate European policy, enabling them to future-proof their operations while maintaining their licence to operate in a sustainable manner."

As a Managing Partner at Publyon EU since May 2020, Jasper draws on more than ten years of experience in pivotal roles related to public affairs and business strategies, with a central focus on data and logistics.

Jasper’s career began at the Port of Rotterdam Authority in 2010 as a Public Affairs Advisor, before joining the Rotterdam ports and industry association (Deltalinqs) in 2013 as a Policy Advisor. These roles allowed him to develop strong leadership skills and build an extensive network in the transport and logistics industry.

In 2017, Jasper founded his own logistics data company, Containerweight, which allowed him to further develop his commercial and management skills. At Publyon, he combines his entrepreneurship, business acumen, and public affairs experience to create effective strategies and solutions for his clients.

Jasper is fluent in Dutch and English and has a basic knowledge of French.