Audrey Keukens

Managing partner

"Our assignments often have a substantial social impact, which makes guiding our clients in the political and social landscape an important challenge."

Audrey Keukens is the managing partner of Publyon. In her role as a Strategic Advisor, Audrey advises organisations in the field of public affairs and corporate communication. Society is in transition, and the impact on organisations – be it from the energy transition, digitalisation or decentralisation – is huge. While innovations could offer solutions for organisations and their customers, legislation is often lagging behind, which causes tensions. Audrey gets great satisfaction from guiding organisations in their transition journey without losing sight of the political and social impact. By advising on the intersection of public affairs and corporate communication, she keeps all relevant stakeholders involved and ensures strong, future-proof positioning for the organisation.

Alongside her work at Publyon, Audrey is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Dutch Association for Foster Families and a board member of the Lisbon Council.