Carsten Zwaaneveld

Senior consultant

“The future starts with a relevant story, the right audience and good timing."

Carsten Zwaaneveld works as a Senior Consultant at Publyon. There he advises clients on aligning their stories with social issues and finding the audience they resonate with. In times of change and uncertainty, this is not a given. In his advice, he brings a connection to the interests and perceptions of companies, administrators, politicians, civil servants, and other stakeholders. Making that strategic translation is Carsten’s strength.

The power of communication and effective contact with decision-makers lies in getting the right message to the right person at the right time. This requires in-depth knowledge of political processes, the interests of executives and social sentiment. Carsten brings ten years of experience at the intersection of politics, government and communication to his advisory work. In the past years, he also delved into crisis communication, environmental management, and food and energy security during times of transition.

For many years, Carsten worked as a policy and legislation advisor for the D66 party in the House of Representatives. He is now also a councilor for D66 in the municipality of Kaag en Braassem. This allows him to experience first-hand the interaction between national and local decision-makers and what makes a lobby successful. Through his experience at the Ministries of the Interior and Defence, Carsten understands how processes within public administration work and how they can be influenced. Budgets and legislative processes do not hold any secrets for him.

In recent years, Carsten has assisted large energy companies in implementing renewable energy projects and regional governments in creating willingness on the part of the national government to invest in infrastructure. He has also helped healthcare, nature conservation, and retail initiatives to be heard and to initiate change.

In his spare time, Carsten enjoys backpacking to remote destinations, hiking in the dunes and making his vegetable garden flourish. He is a member of WO=MEN (Dutch Gender Platform) and would love to take part in the Dutch TV show Wie is de Mol one day.