Marielle Rillaerts

Senior consultant

“Working together on a targeted strategy at the intersection of public affairs, communication and management energises me.”

Marielle Rillaerts enjoys working on projects where strategy development meets communication, coalition building, policy and politics.

Marielle sees public affairs and corporate communication as two sides of the same coin. She enjoys choosing challenging assignments where both aspects combine with (interim) management. Examples are her interim role as Public Affairs and Communication Manager for a large green hydrogen consortium and her interim position as Head of Communication for a large organisation in The Hague.

New strategies often go hand-in-hand with organisational changes. Implementing those in a way that delivers maximum impact is a challenge that Marielle loves as well. As Head of Communication, Marielle not only took the organisation’s strategic communication in a new direction, but she also set up structural stakeholder management. Additionally, she has built a whole new Communication department. Currently, Marielle is setting up a sustainability programme in a complex political setting.

Alongside the interim work, Marielle advises a number of clients on public affairs and communication. She helps those organisations make sense of the ever-changing societal landscape and build bridges to relevant stakeholders.

Before switching to consultancy work in 2019, Marielle held various positions at the intersection of strategic and issue communication, management and politics. Examples are previous jobs as a board spokesperson and political and legal advisor.

Marielle holds academic degrees in Social and Cultural Anthropology, International Relations and Law, an SRM certificate as a senior communication advisor, and has taken several management courses.

Born and raised in Antwerp, Marielle has enjoyed living in The Hague for almost 20 years. She particularly enjoys the proximity to the beach.