Riemer Westerbeek


"By working in public affairs, I want to help solve the major social challenges of our time."

Riemer Westerbeek has been working at Publyon as a Consultant since 2022. He is motivated to make the voices of people and organizations with considerable interest heard in the political decision-making process. In public affairs, he wants to make a difference toward a sustainable and fair society. He does this, for example, as lead of the region team of Publyon. In this capacity, he aims to strengthen the voice of local companies and decentralized governments in the national political arena in The Hague.

In 2020, Riemer already enjoyed an internship at Publyon. Before that, he completed a master’s degree in Administration and Policy. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration & Organizational Science from Utrecht University (USBO). Lastly, Riemer took part in a minor in Sciences Politiques (Sciences Po) in Bordeaux.

In addition to his work at Publyon, Riemer is active as a volunteer at Vitalis. They are a foundation from The Hague that gives children in a vulnerable position extra support and attention.