Sophia van den Hoek

Junior consultant

"Being able to facilitate a connection between politics, society and business by bringing different interests closer together is a great challenge that I’m very keen to address.”

Sophia van den Hoek has been working as a Junior Advisor at Publyon since February 2023. Her key responsibilities are political monitoring and giving strategic advice to clients. In 2022, she did an internship at our agency.

Sophia is currently finishing her master’s degrees in Political Science and Political and Economic Philosophy at Leiden University, which has engendered an interest in democratic stability, social security and EU relations. During her bachelor’s degree, she did an internship at the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant, and together with three fellow students she managed public relations for the Leiden Institute of Philosophy. Sophia first became interested in politics during her parttime job in primary education, where she learned how important diversity and equal opportunities are. In her spare time, she likes to read and write, visit museums and give exam training and tutoring in Dutch and German.