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Undoubtedly, 2024 marks a significant political shift. The European elections have just re-shuffled the political cards, and the coming months will prove crucial for the EU’s internal dynamics and international positioning.

European organisations will witness how the election of new Members of the European Parliament unfolds, influencing the nomination of a new European Commission President, the College of Commissioners and other top jobs at the helm of the EU institutions. These developments will shape the strategic agenda and political direction of the EU for the next five years.

These transformative times are a unique moment for your organisation as they provide an exceptional chance to get to know your new representatives in Brussels, proactively shape the political discussions and decisions that will influence the forthcoming term in the EU and position yourselves at the very start of a new legislative cycle.

Why should you attend?

Already before the European elections, Publyon’s Beyond the Ballot webinar series has been a trusted guide for understanding and navigating the major political developments in Brussels, shedding light on key opportunities for organisations stemming from this political shift.    

With the rapid evolution of the EU political landscape and new priorities on the horizon, Publyon is organising a new webinar series focused on further exploring the future direction of the EU, ensuring that businesses stay abreast of political developments and seize opportunities to take advantage of this unique context.  

Why choose us?

With a solid track record and over a decade of experience as a well-established EU public affairs consultancy in Brussels, our extensive network of policymakers and key political figures, we can provide you with the right tools to comprehend the emerging trends and priorities that will shape the European political landscapes for the coming terms.

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French elections webinar

As the rest of the EU adjusts to its newly defined political landscape after the European elections, France has swiftly returned to campaigning mode.

On the last evening of the European elections, French President Emmanuel Macron called for snap parliamentary elections. With results showing a sharp rightward shift and a severe loss for his party (Renaissance, Renew) on the European stage, the president is polling for the trust of French citizens in his national government.

Following the speed of President Macron’s sudden decision, Publyon, in collaboration with Blue Star Strategies, is launching a new webinar to explore the implications of these elections on domestic political dynamics and their broader consequences at the European level.  

The webinar will feature a fireside chat format, showcasing an insightful discussion between Viktoria Vajnai, Managing Partner at Publyon, Mathilde Defarges, Co-founder and President of Blue Star Strategies and Etienne Bodard, Co-founder and partner at Blue Star Strategies.

The webinar will take place on 10 July at 14:00 – 15:00 CET.

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Beyond the Ballot webinars


Building on the success of the previous webinars, during which we took stock of the work done so far by the von der Leyen Commission, looked at trends, polls, and the potential priorities of the next European Commission’s agenda, Publyon officially announces that it will hold two new interactive webinars focused on the future objectives of the EU to enhance competitiveness and maintain leadership in the digital & tech sectors.

The dates of both webinars will be announced soon.

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