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Remain well-informed about European elections and actively shape policy priorities to align them with your business goals.

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Why are European elections important for businesses?

The European Union is gearing up for the election of the new European Parliament taking place between 6 and 9 June 2024. The subsequent appointment of the new European Commission is pivotal, as it will shape the EU’s agenda from 2024 to 2029.

With the election of new Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and a new European Commission forming, we can expect a shift in political priorities, an intricate political landscape, and a realignment of power to reach consensus.

As an organisation, it is crucial to remain well-informed about the political developments coming from Brussels and hold the tools to strategically position your organisation vis-à-vis the new political landscape. Here is where Publyon’s European elections services can support you.

We guide you every step of the way

You can rely on Publyon’s European elections services to navigate the evolving political landscape.

By staying ahead of the curve and anticipating potential opportunities and risks, you can actively shape policies that will impact your strategy and operations and align them with your business goals.

Our European elections services

European elections monitoring

Publyon’s monitoring services provide you with the latest developments in the European Parliament and the European Commission in the run-up to the elections. This way, you keep abreast and adopt a forward-thinking approach to shape policy priorities and create a favourable political and regulatory environment for your business.

European Parliament

Pre-elections monitoring services:
  • Regular updates on political groups’ programs, their priorities, candidates for top jobs and forecasts in the round-up for the elections;
  • Projections of how the seats will turn out in the European Parliament’s hemicycle, monitoring of candidates and updates on whether existing MEPs would run again;
  • Behind-the-scenes intelligence on the impact of the new institutions on the policy agenda.
Post-elections monitoring services:
  • Regular updates on the major highlights of the composition of the new European Parliament and mapping of key MEPs who will shape future policy, set-up and priorities of the new committees;
  • Behind-the-scenes intelligence on the impact of the elections and the new MEPs on the policy agenda.

European Commission

Early monitoring services:
  • Regular updates on the expected priorities of the new Commission on key policy areas;
  • Projections of Member States’ candidates for the College of Commissioners and updates on the selection procedure for new Commissioners (e.g., hearings in the European Parliament);
  • Analysis of the handover activities of the von der Leyen Commission.
Insight of the New Commission:
  • Regular updates on the new College of Commissioners, highlights and mapping of key stakeholders (cabinet members), set-up and priorities of the new Commission;
  • Behind-the-scenes intelligence on the new set of priorities in the 2024-2029 EU agenda and the Commission’s work programme.
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European elections webinar

Publyon is hosting an interactive webinar that will empower you to understand the opportunity the European elections may offer you.

The European elections follow a complex structure and will shake up the political landscape in Brussels. Orientating in the maze of technical jargon (what do you know about Spitzenkandidaten?) and grasping the cross-institutional timelines and involved actors can be challenging.

Yet, understanding the technicalities and the key milestones gives your organisation a competitive edge. With this knowledge, the European elections and the changing political landscape become a window of opportunity to shape the next EU agenda in line with your business goals.

By attending our webinar, you will gain insights into how the European elections unfold, understand which key stakeholders to keep an eye on, and grasp the moments of influence to exploit in the next months.


We also provide in-house trainings

In addition to our interactive webinars, we also provide in-house trainings tailored to organisations and businesses interested in gaining further insights into the challenges and opportunities arising from the European elections, specifically relevant to their operations.

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Public Affairs support

Make sure your voice is heard! The changing political landscape opens a window of opportunity to strategically position your organisation in Brussels and actively contribute to shaping the new EU agenda. You can have a say in the next European Commission’s mandate (2024-2029) and work programme, as well as the political priorities of the European political parties.

Companies and organisations should seek to build strategic partnerships with the EU institutions and key policymakers to drive the debate about future EU policy priorities.

Public Affairs support includes, but not limited to:

  • Analysis of the trends and forecast in the round-up for the elections and the handover activities of the von der Leyen Commission, including the potential impact on your business;
  • Development of a political narrative based on your objectives and relevant supporting materials;
  • Support in mobilising political groups and coalitions on specific issues (e.g., raising issues onto the agenda of the new legislature);
  • Positioning your business throughout the handover process of the European Commission to shape policies and regulatory debates;
  • Analysis of the outcome of the European elections, the new College of Commissioners and the new political agenda, with a focus on their impact on key policy areas for your business;
  • Proposal for a Public Affairs strategy to position your business vis-à-vis the new European Parliament and the new agenda of the European Commission;
  • Establishing a connection and engaging with elected MEPs (e.g., motivate them to take up significant roles and/or join relevant committees) as well as new Commissioners and their offices;
  • Working visit to Brussels: one- or two-day meetings with the most relevant and high-level EU policymakers (key MEPs such as new Committees’ Chairs and political groups’ coordinators, EU officers in the Directorate-General(s) and members of the Commissioners’ cabinets).
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European elections Impact Scan

Analysing the impact of the elections’ outcome is fundamental for businesses and organisations to better understand the EU political framework for 2024-2029.

Looking at the new political playing field in the European Parliament and European Commission, Publyon’s European elections Impact Scan identifies the impact of key policy areas on your business operations.

By understanding the outcome of the elections and subsequent new priorities, you will obtain the tools to have a clearer overview of the EU agenda and finetune your business strategy accordingly.

How can you benefit from our Impact Scan? It provides you with:

  • A comprehensive and in-depth overview of the new set-up and priorities of the European Parliament and European Commission;
  • Analysis of the new political playing field and intelligence on the impact on your business, with a key focus on relevant policy areas (e.g., digital, sustainability, energy, transport);
  • Strategic recommendations on how to adapt your business strategy in line with the new political (and regulatory) landscape.
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Engage with EU policymakers: your high-level working visit to Brussels

Establishing connections early on and positioning your company or organisation as a relevant stakeholder is important for your Public Affairs strategy in Brussels.

Whether you come from abroad or you are already based in Brussels, engaging with key EU policymakers during a one- or two-day working visit shortly after the European elections is the key to becoming an influential force.

A targeted work visit gives you the opportunity to discuss your position on relevant policy topics directly with key stakeholders and build trustworthy relationships.

At Publyon EU, we connect you with newly elected MEPs, key EU officials in the Cabinets of the new Commissioners and officials of the Directorate-General(s), representatives of the national Permanent Representations to the EU and more.

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