Charlotte van Wezel

Partner NL

"It is the art of overseeing the tension between politics, government and business, identifying the interests and acting accordingly.”

Charlotte van Wezel is a partner at Publyon. She advises government, industry, sector associations, and societal organisations in the field of public affairs, stakeholder management, and the development of a positioning strategy. She often does this for organisations that are committed to sustainability and the energy transition or are involved in innovative solutions for social challenges.

Before Charlotte started at Publyon in 2016, she worked for a number of years for the VVD members in the House of Representatives. Here she gained a lot of inside experience and knowledge about political processes and how our political and administrative system works. She likes to use this knowledge to position her clients in a positive way and to find common ground in interests and stakeholders.

Charlotte studied Military History at the University of Amsterdam. She is also qualified to teach in secondary education. In 2022 she joined the Supervisory Board of Social Enterprise NL. In her spare time, Charlotte is active in the VVD in Wassenaar, where she previously served as Chair for six years. Remaining active and involved in local politics keeps her well informed about what is going on politically and socially.