Daan Hofland


“Weighing interests and mirroring them against developments in society is the way to bring about positive change.”

Daan Hofland works as a Consultant at Publyon, where he started in 2023. He advises clients on strategic positioning and developing and executing public affairs strategies. He has a specific focus on the different fields in which an organization must operate, from national to local levels, with a keen eye on the interests and reputation of organizations and their surrounding stakeholder environment.

At Publyon, Daan works as a member of the Tech Team, primarily in the fields of digitization, technology, and the responsible application of new technologies. He has expertise in matters related to artificial intelligence, cloud, and digital infrastructure. From data to submarine cables, he has experience across the entire stack.

He is a political scientist, graduated from Leiden University, where he also completed a bachelor’s in Public Administration. Beyond his studies, he has further developed his research skills. He is currently working on research about parliamentary support in a comparative perspective. Additionally, he has studied Dutch parliamentarians. For this, he prepared interviews with Members of Parliament and transformed historical data into new datasets. He also has experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence methods.

Furthermore, he has volunteered for advocacy organization Bits of Freedom. Outside of work, Daan has a great passion for coffee, cooking, and playing guitar. He has also been active as a campaign leader for GroenLinks in The Hague during the 2023 Dutch general elections. Daan is fluent in Dutch and English and has a good command of French.