Daan Hofland

Junior consultant

“Weighing interests and mirroring them against developments in society is the way to bring about positive change.”

Daan Hofland has been working at Publyon since 2023. He contributes to the activities of the political monitoring team and supports clients in their strategic positioning.

He graduated in Political Science at Leiden University, where he also completed a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. Outside his studies, he has developed himself as a researcher. For instance, he is currently working on research on parliamentary support in comparative perspective. He has also researched Dutch members of parliament. To this end, he prepared interviews with MPs and transformed historical data into new datasets. Outside of this, he volunteered for interest group Bits of Freedom.

At Publyon, Daan works mainly within the fields of digitalisation, technology, energy and sustainability. He has expertise in issues related to artificial intelligence, cloud, hydrogen and new energies.

Outside of his work, Daan is passionate about coffee, cooking and playing guitar. In addition to this, Daan was active as a campaign lead in The Hague for political party GroenLinks during the general elections of 2023. Daan speaks Dutch and English fluently, and has a good knowledge of French.