Marieke van der Werf

Partner NL

“To create a sustainable future, politics and society must join hands."

Marieke van der Werf is a partner at Publyon. Right from the beginning of her career, she has focused on sustainability. The pursuit of a climate-neutral and circular economy is the common thread in all her activities: as a Communication Consultant and managing partner at Van Sluis Communicatie (now MSL), in the Amsterdam district and city council, as a Member of Parliament for the CDA and as a Public Affairs Advisor.

Marieke is convinced that the power and also increasingly the will to make a difference in this respect lie in companies and organisations, with politics and government acting as stimulators, facilitators and regulators. Based on this vision, Marieke supports clients active in the energy and raw materials transition. She previously initiated the Nieuwspoort meetings of Grondstoffenpoort and was founder and director of Dr2 NewEconomy, figurehead for Circular Economy for the Province of Flevoland, director of Landschapsbeheer Nederland and director of Groen Gas.

In early 2021, Marieke stepped down from the management of Publyon’s The Hague office to focus on further developing the holding company and creating space for her ancillary positions. She collaborates with colleagues in Brussels and The Hague on assignments relating to the energy and resource transition. These include the International Provincial Consultative Body, VERAS, the CCU Alliance, the Negative Emissions Taskforce, RWE and Regional Heat Grid Twente. In addition, Marieke chairs the Supervisory Board of Spaarnelanden NV and the Frisian Energy Fund FSFE. Marieke is also Chair of the Recycling Forum of BRBS, a member of the Advisory Board of ACRRES and until recently, was a member of the Supervisory Board at the Natuur & Milieu Foundation.

Her book ‘Communicatie op de Groene Markt’ (Stenfert Kroese) was published in 1996 and the publication ‘Cradle to Cradle in Bedrijf’ in 2009. Finally, Marieke van der Werf is also a speaker/day chairperson at the Speakers Academy.