Roeland Coomans

Partner NL

"Helping organisations navigate the socio-political landscape never ceases to be an exciting challenge. Especially now that this landscape is changing on an almost daily basis, as technological developments impact society in rapid succession."

Roeland Coomans is a partner at Publyon NL. He advises companies, governments and trade associations in the field of public affairs, stakeholder management and strategic advice. With years of experience in national and European policy processes and knowledge of technology, platformisation and related (disruptive) business and organisational models, Roeland draws on his extensive expertise to advise clients at the intersection of technology, governance and society.

Before joining Publyon in 2015, Roeland gained experience as an information manager at a number of government organisations. In this capacity, he engaged frequently with complex social issues surrounding digitalisation and its impact on people and society. How to deal with the impact of new technology and disruptive innovations has been a recurring theme in his work ever since. Guiding organisations in this digital transition, taking into account all relevant political and social stakeholders, is the great challenge of this century. Roeland helps organisations to operate in a future-proof way and innovate with an eye for current political and social developments.

Roeland has a background in Political Science, European Union Studies and Public Information Management. He spends his free time on his other passions: history and sports. Roeland is also active in Young Management (Rotterdam Group) and as treasurer for the Public Affairs Foundation (SLPA).