Scott Holland

Trainee Public Affairs

I'm fascinated by European policymaking, which drives me to dive deeper into how the European Union operates. This passion inspires me to make a positive impact and help clients navigate the complex EU landscape through public affairs.

Scott is fascinated by European policy-making and its impact on EU Member States and beyond. Before Publyon, Scott worked as a trainee at the European Economic and Social Committee as part of the External Relations Unit where he mostly worked on trade and sustainability.

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and a Master’s degree in International and European Governance, both at Leiden University. During a Bachelor’s exchange in South Korea at Seoul National University and a Master’s exchange in France at Sciences Po Paris, he further developed his interest and knowledge in international policy-making and diplomacy. Furthermore, while writing his Master’s thesis on Dutch policy evaluations, Scott completed an internship at the Dutch Senate.

At Publyon, Scott focuses on European policies related to transport and energy, and sustainability.

Scott speaks Dutch and English fluently and has a basic knowledge of German and French.