Tessa van Emst


“De kunst in Public Affairs is het ontwikkelen van wederzijds begrip tussen organisaties, overheden en de maatschappij.”

Tessa van Emst is Consultant at Publyon, which she joined in 2023. In her work, she focuses on bringing views together to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties. Especially in these times of individualisation, diverging interests and the associated uncertainty, cooperation is indispensable to face social problems.

Tessa has an avid interest in (the use of) new technologies, with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence. These types of technologies pose new questions for governments and organisations, for instance to what extent society is controlled by digital systems – and under what conditions – and what it means to have power or possessions. Legislative frameworks are not always in place before innovations emerge. In this context, Tessa works with Publyon’s tech team for organisations with interests in digitalisation, AI, (digital) security and data ethics.

Before switching to Public Affairs in 2023, Tessa held positions in the consulting sector at Accenture and PwC, in diplomacy and at the JOVD. Tessa has a background in Data Science and in Public Administration.