Thomas Swelheim

Trainee public affairs

“Convinced and enthusiastic to have a positive influence on the well-being of society through public affairs.”

Thomas Swelheim has been active at Publyon as an intern since January 2024. He participates in the monitoring team and supports the consultants in their work. 

Thomas completed his bachelor’s degree in PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) last year. For this bachelor’s degree, Thomas wrote a thesis on potential international cooperation regarding climate mitigation and studied for six months at Waseda University in Tokyo. This year, he started a master’s degree in political economy at the University of Amsterdam. 

Thomas also volunteers at the Brilliant Future Kids Foundation, an autism center for talent development for young people aged 12 to 23 who, despite their talents, cannot find a suitable place in regular and special education. Here, Thomas helps students prepare for the final exam. 

In his spare time, Thomas is an avid swimmer and enjoys playing football with his friends.