Corporate communication is crucial to any organisation, as it goes to the core of its positioning. What does an organisation or project stand for? How does the company do what it does? What sets it apart from others? And most importantly, why is the organisation relevant? Strategic communication is about aligning all the messages given off at different times by rooting them in a strong and authentic positioning.

That positioning should be part and parcel of everything the organisation does and every choice made. Our consultants can help you define that positioning and assist you in using it as the basis for a sound communication strategy, bringing together internal communication, an external communication strategy, media and targeted messaging.

The link to our public affairs work is clear because open, transparent and well-aligned communication is key to reputation-building. A solid reputation is instrumental in building the trust needed to attract public or political support. There are moments when organisations need extra support because opportunities arise or threats loom.

At times like this we can help you with:

Issue management

Issue management is as much about communication as it is about society and politics. The perspective of our consultants can help you prepare for potential issues as well as assist you in dealing with them, both at a strategic level and with hands-on support. We offer:

    • Proactive analysis and strategic advice in identifying societal trends and potential risks
    • Strategic and hands-on communication support in response to developments that may have an impact on your company’s image.

Crisis communication

Crisis communication is needed when an event occurs that may seriously jeopardise an organisation’s reputation. Our experienced consultants can help in two ways:

    • By preparing your organisation so that your management and communication team know exactly what to do when a crisis occurs
    • By stepping in at moments of crisis to offer strategic direction and hands-on support.

Media relations

Media relations are not only important in times of crisis – they also matter when things are going well, enabling you to seize opportunities and set the agenda. Our consultants can help you in two ways:

    • We help you draft a proactive press strategy, covering everything from goal-setting to implementation
    • We fly in when you need a partner on your team with expertise and a relevant network.

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