Publyon’s impact scans deliver a comprehensive assessment of how EU legislation and national tax policy will affect your business operations, identifying the opportunities and challenges and highlighting moments to positively influence policies and legislation. Publyon’s Policy Impact Scans provide organisations with a roadmap for navigating complex legislation and identifying EU and international policies that will significantly impact their business. This allows you to develop or modify your corporate strategy at all levels, from operations to the boardroom, with confidence and clarity. Furthermore, our Impact Scan includes:

  • Comprehensive stakeholder mapping within the EU institutions as well as industry stakeholders
  • Detailed matchmaking of your business operations with EU funding opportunities
  • Tailor-made strategic advice on how to position your organisation towards stakeholders at EU level, leverage the moments of influence and capitalise on EU funding opportunities.

European Green Deal Impact Scan

The Green Deal Impact Scan provides a comprehensive analysis of the EU’s new growth strategy by analysing the legislative and policy framework applicable to your business. Publyon’s European Green Deal Impact Scan identifies opportunities and challenges and highlights ways to positively influence policies and legislation.

EU Energy and Climate Policy Impact Scan

The EU Energy and Climate Policy Impact Scan analyses how the EU’s energy and climate-related policies will affect the activities of your organisation. The analysis provides a detailed overview of the opportunities and risks associated with these policies.

EU Cyber Fitness Scan

The EU Cyber Fitness Scan thoroughly assesses the cyber-related EU legislation from the perspective of your corporate strategy and operations. The service supports your organisation in identifying the cyber protection requirements for digital products in the EU, and provides detailed and targeted strategic advice and solutions to ensure your organisation is fully compliant and in line with the EU certification schemes.

Tax Policy Impact Scan

The Tax Policy Impact Scan provides your organisation with comprehensive mapping and analysis of how tax-related policies will affect your activities, identifying opportunities and risks.

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