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Welcome to Publyon’s monthly Sustainability Newsletter. This year’s inaugural edition contains an invitation for you to the Publyon Breakfast Networking event. Additionally, we delve into Belgium’s role in holding the Presidency of the Council for the next six months, along with insights into Belgium’s elections.

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The spotlight

The spotlight

Publyon’s Sustainability Breakfast Networking Event

Over the last five years, the European Commission has focused on fostering sustainable and responsible corporate behaviour throughout the supply chain of products sold in the EU. As the date of the European elections fast approaches, these ambitious sustainability policies under the European Green Deal are nearing completion. It is now time to reflect on what will be the potential legacy and impact of these policies.

Publyon is pleased to host its sustainability event on Thursday, 1 February 2024 (09:00 – 11:30) at Holland House (Rue d’Arlon 20, 1050 Brussels) to discuss the achievements and future of the European Green Deal. During the event, Ms Kate Frisby, Legal Assistant on Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Sustainable Finance in DG FISMA, will outline the main achievements of the Green Deal so far, and will look ahead to the next European mandate.

After Ms Frisby’s statement, Publyon will host a panel discussion to further examine relevant EU sustainability policies (CSRD, CSDDD), assess their impact on EU and international businesses operating in Europe and discuss how these policies can be implemented effectively. Among the panellists, Publyon will welcome Richard Gardiner, EU Public Policy Lead of the World Benchmarking Alliance, and Burçak Inel, Director of Financing Sustainable Growth at the European Banking Federation.

More speakers and details of the programme will be announced in due course.

Please note that, due to a limited number of spots available, your registration will be considered final only after you receive your confirmation of participation.

Policy update

Policy update

2024: A pivotal year for Belgium and the EU

As Belgium took over the Presidency of the Council of the EU on 1 January 2024, it also takes up a critical role in shaping the European Union’s legislative landscape for the next six months:

  • One of its main priorities will be to pursue a green and just transition.
  • In addition, Belgium aims to place the energy and climate transition at the core of its work, in the continuity of the Green Deal.
  • The Belgian Presidency vows to enhance the EU’s circular economy efforts and to accelerate the development of renewable and low-carbon energy

Next to sustainability objectives, the Belgian Presidency is committed to:

  • Defending the rule of law,
  • Strengthening competitiveness,
  • Reinforcing the social and health agenda,
  • Protecting people and borders and promote a global Europe.

However, what makes the Belgian Presidency’s uniqueness is its overlap with both the European elections and Belgium’s national and regional elections. This unique moment provides businesses with an exceptional chance to actively participate in shaping the political discussions and decisions that will influence the forthcoming term in Belgium as well as the EU as a whole.  Let’s see how your company can make the most of these moments!



Belgian elections: make sure your interests are heard

During the Belgian pre-election period, businesses play a crucial role in shaping the political agenda. Political parties typically reveal their manifestos in Q1 2024, setting the stage for their campaigns. To exert influence, businesses can engage with political parties’ research centres responsible for drafting these manifestos. Currently, federal-level politicians focus on migration and security, while party conferences address themes such as fiscal policy, the labour market, and digitalization, covering AI, algorithms, digital skills, and cybersecurity.

Regionally, education and public transport are nationwide priorities, with Flanders focusing on nature conservation and digitalization (specifically data sovereignty and protection). In Wallonia, priorities include social progress, climate change, citizens’ rights protection, and digitalization, with an emphasis on digital skills, AI, connectivity, and cybersecurity.

Publyon can facilitate your engagement with policymakers, aiding in influencing and providing input to the political agenda, thanks to its proven track record and extensive network.

Want to know more? Have a look at our Belgian elections services.



European elections: shaping the future EU Agenda

The 2024 European Parliament elections are set against the backdrop of major political shifts and challenges, geopolitical instability, economic recovery, climate change, and energy independence. This dynamic environment allows companies and organisations to shape institutional agendas. Political parties and the European Commission are actively guiding the direction of the upcoming legislative term, with a shift in focus from post-COVID-19 concerns to economic recovery, job creation, sustainable growth, and bolstering the EU’s single market.

Notably, climate change efforts are receding, and despite calls for a ‘regulatory pause’ on climate legislation, there’s a recognition of the need to prioritise financial support for the green transition. This pre-election period is a crucial opportunity for organisations to influence the EU’s future agenda by engaging with decision-makers at both national and EU levels. As the European Commission’s legislative activities wind down, early discussions on priorities for the next term present a proactive opportunity for sharing ideas and solutions.

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