Building a successful public affairs strategy starts with developing an in-depth understanding of your mission and interests.

Publyon supports you with strategic positioning in the EU, The Netherlands, The Nordics and the United Nations, driving your mid- to long-term goals and targets by developing strategies that help you achieve them. We will support you every step of the way, ensuring that your organisation is strategically positioned for success.

As experts in public affairs, we help individuals and organisations to have their voices heard by policymakers, enabling them to make a real impact. Our insights and analyses are designed to shape a better future for everyone, and we are committed to supporting front runners who want to make a purposeful impact.

As your partner, we collaborate closely with you, engaging with stakeholders and sharing our expertise to future-proof your organisation and safeguard your licence to operate. We understand the complexities of society, but we also know that through bold leadership and by working together we can create a sustainable future that we can all enjoy.

Our expertise in designing public affairs strategies includes:

  • Researching and continuously monitoring the relevant policy landscape and how developments affect your organisation’s goals and interests, including behind-the-scenes intelligence
  • Developing targeted stakeholder mapping to engage with and influence key political stakeholders
  • Building a coalition to strengthen a lobby
  • Establishing trusted relationships with key policymakers in order to provide credible representation for your organisation
  • Ensuring that the public affairs strategy mitigates the risks and amplifies the opportunities of the legislative environment, while aligning it closely with your business requirements.

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