About us

Advocacy for good

At Publyon, we envision a fair, just and thriving world where people, organisations, communities and governments are aligned to unite and innovate for the benefit of all.

As experts in public affairs, we facilitate people and organisations to have their voices heard by policymakers and help them shape a better future with our analyses and insights into where society is heading.

Change for good

Publyon drives transformation by building solid bridges, fostering mutual understanding and sharing our knowledge to guide people and organisations through complicated policy processes and legislation.

We operate globally with an eye for international challenges and geopolitical developments that link to the wellbeing of local communities. Together with our clients, we can make a meaningful impact.

Leadership for good

As leaders in our field, we accelerate the transformation of society by advancing knowledge and innovation. Thinking outside the box is part of our everyday job.

We create solutions with a can-do mindset, striving consistently to provide unique, top-quality services. We set the bar high, as we are passionate about making a difference locally, nationally and internationally.



Publyon EU

Handelsstraat 31

1000 Brussels


T +32 499 65 13 13


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Parkstraat 20

2514 JK The Hague

The Netherlands

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3511 HG Utrecht

The Netherlands

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Publyon DK

Bjerregårdsvej 11 st

2500 Copenhagen


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Publyon USA

228 East 45th Street, Room 9E

New York 10017 New York City

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