Daniëlle de Keijzer

Junior consultant

“With great enthusiasm, I am very enthusiastic aboutenjoy supporting clients to make a positive impact now and, in the future, taking into account global challenges.”

At Publyon, Daniëlle uses her legal background to support clients in the field of digital, tech and sustainability, specifically in relation to cybersecurity, the UN Sustainable Developments Goals, corporate sustainable due diligence, and sustainable sourcing of (critical) raw materials. As well as developing and executing public affairs strategies, Daniëlle is responsible for external relationship management.

Daniëlle holds a bachelor’s degree in European Union Law from Maastricht University and a double master’s degree in Public Policy and Human Development from United Nations University Merit and Maastricht University. In addition to her work at Publyon, she is working on her first publication on the relationship between teachers’ salaries, student performance and GDP growth in the Netherlands.

She is fluent in Dutch and English, and has a basic knowledge of French and German.